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  • Hackathons are great places to test ideas, build a startup, build leadership and practice your pitching skills.


  • Design for real company scenarios and expand your portfolio. This is a chance to apply design thinking methodologies from ideation to research to prototyping.


  • Create a technology toolkit that can have real impact. Challenge your coding skills and use it as an opportunity to learn new languages and tools.


  • Hackathons provide lots of opportunities to get startup-like work experience. It’s a great way to build your resume and demonstrate your drive, your ability to be creative, work in teams, and innovate.

Corporate Employees:

  • If you’re looking to break out of your current role, or are reentering the workforce, Hackathons are great for sharpening and developing new skills, experimenting with new job roles.

Inventors and Early Adopters:

  • This gives you the opportunity to stretch your creativity in a fun challenging environment. You’ll be with like minded people and you can lead the way for first other first timers.


Individuals must obtain a ticket from eventrbite to partipate in the event.

Note: participants must be 16 years of age, and minors must have parental approval before attending.

(Note Times are in PST)



Sai Ingale is a strategic high-growth leader who bridges business and technology. As Associate VP of Systems Hardware & Applications Engineers at Credo Semiconductors, a leading provider of high performance, low power semiconductor solutions, Sai collaborates with the founders/CTO to create and build industry leading solutions for efficient data centers. She builds and scales the global Hardware, Software and Applications teams to deliver on Credo’s roadmap, engages closely with the company’s Tier-1 global customers, and oversees product deployment and customer-driven innovations.

Galicia Gordon is the Founder of Leading Learners, a startup and platform with a mission of supporting students through free and accessible resources. Leading Learners has reached students from all corners of the world, including students from Harvard, Columbia, McGill, Oxford, among several top tier institutes. She started Leading Learners as a student in high school, and has since reached 100,000 students globally. Ask Galicia about tips to starting a global platform, critical design features, UI/UX, student career goals, and overall making more meaningful design and work decisions.

Angela Bee Chan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hackathons International where its purpose is to create equal opportunities for everyone. She has used her participation in Hackathons as her ‘second university degree’ and has mentored, organized and supported almost 500 Hackathons over the past decade. Angela is also a 2x TEDx Speaker and in her spare time, she is #isobaking and enjoys hiking.

Annelise Mirella Hagar Preciado is an enthusiastic change-maker currently navigating the rideshare transportation industry as an Operations Manager for the Employee Relations and Inclusion & Diversity teams at Lyft. She recently served as the Board Chair for Techqueria, a nonprofit serving the largest community of Latinx in Tech. In her spare time, Annelise studies Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian dance) and is a parent to many plant babies. Her educational background in qualitative research (having received both a B.A. in Sociology & Hispanic Studies and M.A. in Sociology from Boston College), has uniquely equipped her to confront challenges—as she seeks the bigger picture and understanding the fine details that compose it. Throughout her career she has been a leader fostering meaningful partnerships & developing creative solutions, all while employing outstanding communication skills throughout.


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$4,500 in prizes

First Place

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Second Place

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Third Place

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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Teams must do the following to participate in the Hackathon:

  • Register for the Hackathon on the Hackathon Website at by clicking the “Register for this Hackathon” button. To complete registration, sign up to create a Devpost account, or log in with an existing Devpost account. There is no charge for creating a Devpost account. This will enable you to receive important updates and access the “Enter a Submission” page. Only one Devpost account created by a Team’s Representative is required per Team.
  • Submission Process:
    • Access the Hacking for Humanity Submission Form (linked in Devpost Submission page)
    • Select a challenge from the dropdown
    • Respond to the question “What does it do?” on how the Application is to be used
    • Respond to the question “How the Application was built?” by describing the programming languages, storage or any additional relevant information pertaining to the Application that the Team would like to disclose
    • Respond to the question “Challenges Faced” by sharing any challenges the team encountered while building the Application
    • Submit a video that meets the requirements described in the "Text Description, Image, Video, and Additional Submission Materials" section (See Rules Section above for more information).
    • Complete and enter all of the required fields on the “Enter a Submission” page of the Hackathon Website during the Hackathon Submission Period (November 14, 2021 at 10:00am PST - November 12, 2021 at 2:00pm) and follow the required drop down and open text boxes below:
    • Once the above video, image, and Hackathon Website text submission requirements (collectively, the “Submission”) are complete, submit your Submission before November 14, 2021 at 2:00pm PST for Judges to begin reviewing.


  • Only projects with submissions will be demoed.
  • Teams with submissions will be queued.
  • The team is required to be present while their video submission is being demoed.
  • The team must be present to answer questions during the demo.


Sai Ingale

Sai Ingale
Associate VP of Systems Hardware & Applications Engineers at Credo Semiconductors

Galicia Gordon

Galicia Gordon
Founder at Leading Learners

Angela Bee Chan

Angela Bee Chan
Co-Founder and CEO of Hackathons International

Annelise Mirella Hagar Preciado

Annelise Mirella Hagar Preciado
Operations Manager for the Employee Relations and Inclusion & Diversity teams at Lyft

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea (5pts)
    Is the idea a strong minimal viable product for the customer to use today? How impactful is the solution for the issue you are hoping to help solve? Does the solution fulfill one of the participating NGO’s requirements?
  • Design (5pts)
    How well the idea was designed by the Team? How well thought out and complete is the design? Is it easy to use? Is it visually appealing? Is the design intuitive? Does it flow naturally?
  • Pitch/Presentation (5pts)
    Judges will focus on the quality of the presentation. Participants’ proposal should be able to drive and improve business processes based on the challenge provided by the Poster. A sense of teamwork should be present.
  • Technicality (3pts)
    Includes the practicability and ease of implementation in a customer environment Does it work? Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi Prototype, Technical effort
  • Team Participation (2pts)
    Team participation in attending workshops, problem statement presentations, and team building activities

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